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California employers must reimburse employees for reasonable business expenses. While there are many reimbursable business expenses, travel expenses are one of the most common. Here’s an overview of covered employee travel expenses. California Labor Laws on Employee Travel Expenses California Labor Code Section 2802(a) states, “an…Read More

California Law Addresses Employee Business Expense Reimbursement While not mandatory in every state, California employers are required to reimburse their employees for reasonable business expenses. This means employers must pay back employees who spend their own money for business-related expenses. Various California labor and tax…Read More

California Minimum Wage Laws Minimum wage laws prohibit employers from hiring employees or workers for less than the required hourly, daily, or monthly minimum wage. Laws surrounding minimum wage have evolved over time, from their application in certain sectors and the minimum amounts delegated. There…Read More

California Labor Laws: Paystub Requirements and Mistakes to Avoid California employers know the importance of promptly and accurately paying employees for all hours worked. But, did you know that failure to include certain information on your employee’s pay stubs may lead to expensive class-action lawsuits?…Read More

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