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When conflicts arise between business leaders, between company leaders and shareholders, or within business partnerships, it is always wise to seek a quick resolution that is both cost-effective and agreeable to all involved parties. However, when communication between these parties breaks down and agreement cannot…Read More

Being accused of sexual harassment in a workplace setting is one of the most embarrassing and potentially damaging situations an employer can face. It is also something that should never be faced alone. While the burden of proof is on the accuser, it is still…Read More

Workplace discrimination is treating some employees in the workplace less favorably than others because of personal characteristics that are beyond their control, like race, gender, religion, age, or similar. The law makes discrimination prevention mandatory, but it is also a good policy for creating better…Read More

There are various federal and state labor laws that employers are required to post in places of employment within view of employees, so that they can be aware of their rights according to these laws. These postings come from the U.S. Department of Labor and…Read More

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