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The world of employment has changed over the years and has become more complicated than ever before. There are many laws to understand and apply, and even if you understand these laws one day, they may be different the next. It is inevitable that even…Read More

For many years, workers who were employed as independent contractors in many California industries had to do without benefits like workers’ compensation insurance, paid sick leave, and overtime pay. Under federal law, these independent contractors are also not allowed to join unions that help to…Read More

California Assembly Bill 5 is a law that was passed in January of 2020 and that is also sometimes referred to as “the gig worker bill” because it drastically changes the criteria by which an employer can classify an employee as an independent contractor. This…Read More

Employment laws are ever-changing, and sometimes it’s tough for those who own a business to keep their knowledge of these laws current. However, it’s important to do so, because when an employee makes a complaint about employment conditions and decides to sue, ignorance of the…Read More

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