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The attorneys of Straggas Law provide litigation advocacy and legal counsel to Southern California businesses. We work with various industries in asserting and defending against legal claims, while providing guidance to avoid disputes before they arise. If you're looking for a business attorney in Orange County, we'd love to help.


We are unwavering in our commitment to integrity and client service.


We are committed to addressing our clients’ needs swiftly and effectively.


We have over three decades of experience in business and employment law.

Business Litigation

Straggas Law provides business litigation services to help California businesses defend their interests and pursue their rights both inside and outside of the courtroom. We have successfully represented clients in addressing all types of business litigation matters, including contract claims, employment claims, corporate governance, shareholder disputes, and other matters.

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Employment Law

Our attorneys have decades of experience in defending and advising California businesses in a wide range of employment law matters. We have successfully resolved numerous types of employment disputes in our clients’ favor, including wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, and wage and hour cases. We also provide counsel to clients in creating procedures and processes to avoid employment law challenges.

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Employment Counseling

Straggas Law Group helps its clients to develop sound and effective employment policies and employee handbooks as part of an overall strategy to create a safe and effective work environment, and reduce the risks of litigation.

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Latest News & Articles

Straggas Law is committed to keeping you and your business updated with the news and trends critical to your lasting success in California and beyond.

California’s employment and business laws are complex and constantly evolving. At Straggas Law, our mission is to provide the information necessary to keep our clients up-to-date on the changing laws and business trends that affect their interests.

When an Employer Needs an Employment Lawyer

May 19, 2021
The world of employment has changed over the years and has become more complicated than ever before. There are many laws to
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What Is the New Independent Contractor Law in California?

May 5, 2021
For many years, workers who were employed as independent contractors in many California industries had to do without benefits like workers’ compensation
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B.K. – Personal Injury Attorney

George is a terrific lawyer at a terrific human being. I never hesitate to recommend him when one of my personal injury clients has a business law related problem, and without fail they have reported back that they have had very positive experiences with him. I will continue to enthusiastically recommend George.

B.K. - Personal Injury Attorney

S.N. – Personal Injury Attorney

George Straggas is very smart, very ethical and very effective. My partner and I have referred many people to him and all have been extremely pleased with the result.

S.N. - Personal Injury Attorney

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The firm does not charge for an initial consultation.

    The firm offers labor law compliance audit services at a flat fee based upon the number of employees. Unlike other human resource consulting firms, our audit services are provided by licensed California attorneys.

    Yes. Mr. Straggas has over 30 years of litigation experience in California courts and will personally oversee the case from start to conclusion.

    Yes. The firm can accept payments from all major credit cards.

    No. However, it has become a lot more difficult for workers in most industries to qualify as independent contractors. Each situation is unique, and it now it is more important than ever before to consult with an attorney before classifying someone as an independent contractor.

    Not all employees can be classified as exempt, and in many instances, the salary of exempt employees must equal twice the applicable minimum wage for hourly employees. We can help you analyze whether any of your employees can be exempt and guide you on how to properly compensate all of your employees.

    California and federal laws provide for various types of leaves of absence. Some are paid leaves, but most are not. An employee requesting medical leave may be entitled to federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, or California Family Rights Act (CFRA) leave. Generally, these leaves of absence are unpaid and available only when the employee employs 50 or more employees. However, there are may leave of absence and disability benefit programs that may be implicated, and consultation with an attorney is always recommended when a leave of absence is request.

    Congratulations on your new venture. Every new business should begin by finding out what licenses and permits are required for operating their type of business in their locality. The State of California offers assistance in the process through a search engine called CalGold: Also, both the State of California and the federal government require certain postings in the workplace that provide workers with notice of their legal rights. California also requires certain pamphlets to be provided, and that an anti-harassment policy be provided. The foregoing is not an exhaustive list, and consultation with an attorney is always recommended. The attorney can also assist in preparation of an employee handbook and best-practice policies directed toward avoiding litigation. Call us for a free consultation. We offer flat fee rates to help businesses new and old to remain compliant.

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