Employment Counseling

Employment Counseling for Businesses

Straggas Law Group provides counseling to businesses on all of their employment policies and practices. A properly functioning business should have clear and easy to understand workplace policies that are communicated to employees, complied with uniformly by management, and strictly enforced in the workplace. Some policies, such as policies against discrimination and harassment, are mandated by law, while others are simply best business practices. Straggas Law Group helps its clients to develop sound and effective employment policies and employee handbooks as part of an overall strategy to create a safe and effective work environment, and reduce the risks of litigation.
Straggas Law Group provides legal counseling regarding employment policies and handbooks, required postings, minimum wages, overtime, paystub requirements, etc.
Straggas Law Group provides legal counseling regarding personnel Decisions like pre-hiring considerations, new hires, employee discipline, and termination.

Services Include

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