When an Employer Needs an Employment Lawyer

May 2021

The world of employment has changed over the years and has become more complicated than ever before. There are many laws to understand and apply, and even if you understand these laws one day, they may be different the next. It is inevitable that even the kindest and most compassionate employer will occasionally run across situations in which he or she is met with hostile actions or accusations from an employee. When this occurs, it’s always wise to seek the advice of expert legal counsel rather than trying to go at it alone. An experienced California employment lawyer can help you, the employer, to face any challenge with sound knowledge and an effective strategy.

How a Lawyer Can Help With Risk Management

When we speak of employment lawsuits, it is true that an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure. The smartest plan for any employer is to create a strong risk management plan that is designed to avoid lawsuits in the first place and that, should a lawsuit occur, is set up to handle it quickly and with minimal disruption to the organization. An employment lawyer can evaluate the various written contracts and agreements that you, as the employer, use with your employees and can make sure that they will stand up in court if conflicts arise. This lawyer can also help to ensure that your employee handbooks and training materials are all in alignment with current employment law and that it is appropriate for your particular workplace.

When an Employer Fires an Employee

Seldom does an employer look forward to firing an employee due to the tension and animosity that this can often create. If an employer is fearful that an employee may sue as a result of the termination, an employment lawyer can help him/her to prepare for the termination and to ensure that all aspects of it are legal. If the employer’s relationship with the employee has been contentious, hiring an employment lawyer makes excellent sense because firing the employee incorrectly can result in a wrongful termination lawsuit and even charges of discrimination or similar, with high penalties or fines. This type of hostile termination can also jeopardize the reputation of the business and of the employer.

Call to Schedule a Consultation With a California Employment Lawyer Today

If you are an employer with risk management concerns, call to schedule a consultation with a California employment lawyer today.  The expert legal professionals at the Straggas Law Group, APC will evaluate your human resources documents to help ensure that they effectively create a sound risk management program that protects you in all employment situations. We serve the cities of Irvine, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa and surrounding Orange County communities. Visit our website at straggaslaw.com or give us a call at 949-660-9100 and let us give you legal advice you can rely on.

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