Ways to Protect Your Business Against Employment Lawsuits

April 2021

Employment laws are ever-changing, and sometimes it’s tough for those who own a business to keep their knowledge of these laws current. However, it’s important to do so, because when an employee makes a complaint about employment conditions and decides to sue, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Understanding the most common types of employee litigation is one way of preventing them from happening to you. Neglecting this area of knowledge can cause you to face legal liability leading to fines, can jeopardize your business reputation, and can even put you out of business. That is why it’s important to know a California employment law expert whom you can call when you’ve got questions or when an employee makes a complaint against you.

Understand the Type of Employee

In the complex modern world of employment, there are many different types of employees. The IRS, or Internal Revenue Service, classifies employees according to the type of employee-employer relationship, who is expected to control what, and how the employee is paid by the employer. For example, is the worker someone who is entitled to insurance benefits and a paid vacation, or is s/he simply a contractor with no benefits? Is the employee supposed to pay for all his or her own supplies, or is the employer supposed to reimburse for these? Is the employee exempt or non-exempt from being paid overtime for working extra hours?  All of these things must be understood by the employer in order to avoid legal conflicts and penalties.

The Value of a Risk Management Audit

A risk management audit that is done by an employment law expert can benefit an employer in many ways. This type of audit can evaluate the operation of the business to determine whether it is in compliance with the current employment laws. An audit can also help the employer improve on weak areas of its operation and make complaints and litigation less likely to happen. An employment law expert may also be able to recommend the most appropriate type of employment practices liability insurance for the employer to have which will protect him or her from potential discrimination or other types of employment complaints and lawsuits.

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