How to Protect Yourself Against Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

January 2021

Being accused of sexual harassment in a workplace setting is one of the most embarrassing and potentially damaging situations an employer can face. It is also something that should never be faced alone. While the burden of proof is on the accuser, it is still important for the accused party to speak with a workplace sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible after the accusation is made. This is necessary to protect the business and personal reputation of the employer in today’s politically charged environment. An experienced California workplace sexual harassment lawyer can be your legal voice and advocate during this very difficult time.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was established as a government enforcement agency for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. A person who is guilty of sexual harassment may be a man or a woman, and the victim and the person being harassed may also be of the same sex. Any form of sexual harassment becomes illegal when it has become frequent or persistent enough to create a hostile work environment for an employee or the co-worker of another employee who is guilty of the act. Sexual harassment does not always have to be exclusively of a sexual nature, but can also be simply making offensive remarks repeatedly about a particular gender. Before the passage of the Civil Rights Act, this type of harassment was, unfortunately, quite common and often affected many employment decisions unfairly.

Possible Defenses Against Sexual Harassment Accusations

There are quite a few possible defenses that can be made in favor of an employer in the event of an accusation of sexual harassment. It is possible that, even though the comments or behavior made someone uncomfortable, it did not actually break the law. It is also true that sometimes such accusations are fabricated in order to “get back” at an employer for some other reason. Before filing a sexual harassment lawsuit, an accuser must first understand the company’s sexual harassment policies and must go through any necessary administrative procedures that are outlined in that policy. An experienced workplace sexual harassment lawyer can investigate your case to build the most effective defense.

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