Steps for Employers to Defend Against Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

March 2021

When you’re facing a wrongful termination lawsuit from a former employee, it’s important to consult an experienced wrongful termination lawsuit attorney as soon as possible. The employee making the complaint of wrongful termination is probably represented by an attorney of his or her own and is likely to want a jury trial. It’s not uncommon for the jurors to identify with the employee, making it very possible that you will lose your case. A skilled wrongful termination defense attorney can evaluate the employee’s complaint and help you find needed evidence and documentation to help build an effective defense. This attorney may even suggest mediation, which would mean you could avoid the publicity of a trial.

The Importance of Thorough Documentation

It is always important for an employer to keep an accurate file on each person he or she employs. This file should include regular job performance evaluations that are honest and accurate so that if an employee’s performance is poor, this will have served as a warning that things are not going well and will provide important evidence for defense if the employee is later terminated. All supervisors and managers within the company should understand its policies and procedures and should pass this knowledge along to employees via an employee handbook or some form of written expectations of job performance. Before terminating an employee, the employer must give the employee a reason for the termination that is clear and that is supported by a clear violation of policy or by previous documentation from the employee’s file.

Consistency in Policy Enforcement

Employers must make sure that all supervisors and managers fully understand the company’s policies about terminable offenses and that these are enforced equally among all employees. Otherwise, an employee who has been terminated could claim that another employee who committed the same offense was not also terminated, leading to a loss of credibility for the employer. All terminations that take place should be routinely reviewed by the company’s management to ensure that they are done in a manner that is consistent with company policy and that all employees are treated equally in these matters.

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