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In today’s complicated world of employment, which is composed of everything from temporary to part-time to contract to permanent employment situations, it’s not uncommon for misunderstandings and conflicts to arise between employers and employees. It is also not as rare as it used to be…Read More

When you’re facing a wrongful termination lawsuit from a former employee, it’s important to consult an experienced wrongful termination lawsuit attorney as soon as possible. The employee making the complaint of wrongful termination is probably represented by an attorney of his or her own and…Read More

When an employee makes a complaint against an employer with the U.S. Department of Labor, this may trigger a government labor audit or investigation. However, it may also conduct a random audit or investigation at any time. Some types of businesses are more commonly audited…Read More

As an employer of a company that relies upon its own creativity and business ideas to generate a profit, you are aware of the importance of trade secrets and of preventing the competition from stealing them. However, before the passing of the Defend Trade Secrets…Read More

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