Wrongful Termination of Employment Defense

Wrongful Termination of Employment

Owning or managing a business in California is challenging. No state has stricter laws and regulations. Every year brings new changes, and new requirements. If an employer makes a mistake, the remedies provided to employees can be very harsh, and very costly.

Straggas Law Group works with its employer clients on a daily basis to provide advice and counseling regarding human resources and personnel management issues, including, pre-hiring practices, hiring, compensation and benefits, discipline, and termination.

Straggas Law Group also assists in investigations of pre-litigation claims of discrimination and harassment to ensure preservation of evidence and to assist the employer in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.
Whenever an employee is terminated, there's risk the employee will file a claim for wrongful termination. The employee must prove the termination violated an important State of California public policy. Straggas Law Group assists employers in defending against wrongful termination claims by identifying and evidencing the business reason for the employee's termination.
Straggas Law Group works with employer-clients who have been targeted with wage and hour class action lawsuits, discrimination and harassment complaints, employee/ independent contractor “mis-designation” claims, and other employment lawsuits and proceedings whether brought by employees, or government agencies.

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