Employment Discrimination Defense Attorneys

Employment Discrimination

Owning or managing a business in California is challenging. If an employer makes a mistake, the remedies provided to employees can harsh and costly.

Straggas Law Group works with its employer clients on a daily basis to provide advice and counseling regarding human resources and personnel management issues, including, pre-hiring practices, hiring, compensation and benefits, discipline, and termination.

Straggas Law Group also works with employer clients who have been targeted with discrimination and harassment complaints to assist in making sure claims are properly investigated and that remedial measures are appropriately implemented where warranted.

We do this to ensure preservation of evidence and to assist the employer in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.
Discrimination comes in many forms, and so do discrimination claims. Unlawful discrimination occurs when someone, or a group of people, is treated less favorably than another person or group because of their sex, race, color, national origin, pregnancy, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, age, genetic information or other attributes.
In addition, in cases of claims of disability, Straggas Law Group can assist the employer in engaging in the “interactive process” to help the employer to identify and provide accommodation to the employee where appropriate. In the case of litigation, Straggas Law Group works to methodically and appropriately defend the employer’s interest in such cases.

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