Shareholder and Member Interest Holder Claims

Shareholder and Member Interest Holder Disputes

Business and investment comes with risks of disputes over money or interests in stock, real estate or other property. Both individuals and business entities sometimes become embroiled in disputes that cannot be resolved without legal assistance.

Straggas Law Group assists its clients in resolving business disputes with vendors, investors, customers, co-shareholders, co-owners of property, and other persons.

In many cases recovery of money damages is the primary reason for the dispute, although property and shareholder rights are also often at stake. If the matter can be resolved appropriately and satisfactorily without a lawsuit, Straggas Law Group will work aggressively with its clients and the opposition to achieve early resolution.

In other cases, Straggas Law Group has the experience and expertise to bring or defend litigation, and skillfully advocate its clients’ positions before all California state and federal courts, or in arbitration. Straggas Law Group assists clients embroiled in disputes between shareholders, including, where necessary, seeking dissolution of the company, appointment of independent directors, injunctive relief, and money damages. Similarly, Straggas Law Group will work hard to assist clients facing interest holder and partnership challenges, including, where necessary, seeking declaratory relief, injunctive relief, and money damages.
Shareholder lawsuits

Majority shareholders in California owe significant fiduciary duties to the remaining shareholders of company stock.  Because the majority shareholders often hold sufficient seats on the board of directors of the company, they usually have management control of the company. This can result in the directors and managers making financial and other decisions which are inimical to the best interests of the company and its shareholders. This can include paying excess compensation to the majority shareholders as managers of the company, leaving little or nothing to be distributed to minority shareholders. 
Member Interest Holder and Partnership Disputes

Partnership and limited liability companies can be effective ways to conduct business in California. Partnerships are simpler to manage than corporations, and limited liability companies offer the additional advantage of potentially limiting the liability of the members to the amount of their investment in the enterprise. However, many of these entities can face gridlock when the members or partners disagree. In the event that one member holds a majority of the interests in the partnership or limited liability company, disputes can still arise when that member breaches fiduciary duties held to other members. 

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