Contractor Claims Litigation

Contractor Claims

Business and investment comes with risks of disputes over money or interests in stock, real estate or other property. Both individuals and business entities sometimes become embroiled in disputes that cannot be resolved without legal assistance.

Straggas Law Group assists its clients in resolving business disputes with vendors, investors, customers, co-shareholders, co-owners of property, and other persons.

In many cases recovery of money damages is the primary reason for the dispute, although property and shareholder rights are also often at stake. If the matter can be resolved appropriately and satisfactorily without a lawsuit, Straggas Law Group will work aggressively with its clients and the opposition to achieve early resolution.

In other cases, Straggas Law Group has the experience and expertise to bring or defend litigation, and skillfully advocate its clients’ positions before all California state and federal courts, or in arbitration.

We're happy to help with contractor claims like:
Defective construction/negligent construction

It is a fact of life in California that buildings constructed as improvements to real estate sometimes fail. In some instances, moderate repairs will suffice in making the structure functional for its intended use. In other instances the structure must be virtually rebuilt. It can often be difficult to determine whether the developer, the contractor, sub-contractors or even the owner is responsible for damage to real property. Straggas Law Group works with its clients to navigate potentially difficult and expensive litigation to assist clients with a cost-conscious and effective strategy in resolving these disputes.
Mechanic’s lien claims

California law recognizes the right of persons who contribute to works of improvement to be paid for their work or materials provided.  The law therefore provide for the ability of certain persons to place liens on the property where the improvements were performed.  However, mechanic’s liens are a highly technical area, and the failure to provide notices, and in some instances, timely record documents, can render the liens ineffective.  Straggas Law Group assists its contractor clients in meeting the strict requirements of California law to provide the best opportunity to enforce mechanic’s liens.

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