Beach of Contract Disputes

Resolving Beach of Contract Disputes

Business and investment comes with risks of disputes over money or interests in stock, real estate or other property. Both individuals and business entities sometimes become embroiled in disputes that cannot be resolved without legal assistance.

Whether the remedy is to obtain an order of the court that performance be provided, or money damages after a default has occurred, Straggas Law Group has the expertise to advocate for its clients before every state and federal court in the State of California, and in arbitration.

Straggas Law Group assists its clients in resolving business disputes with vendors, investors, customers, co-shareholders, co-owners of property, and other persons.

While circumstances vary, Straggas Law Group fights hard for its clients who have been defrauded by an unscrupulous party to obtain relief from obligations foisted upon them by fraud.

In many cases recovery of money damages is the primary reason for the dispute, although property and shareholder rights are also often at stake. If the matter can be resolved appropriately and satisfactorily without a lawsuit, Straggas Law Group will work aggressively with its clients and the opposition to achieve early resolution.

In other cases, Straggas Law Group has the experience and expertise to bring or defend litigation, and skillfully advocate its clients’ positions before all California state and federal courts, or in arbitration.
Collection of debts and accounts:

A reality of business is that customers don't always pay for the goods and services they receive. Similarly, not all borrowers make loan payments when due. We work diligently for our creditor clients to collect sums due.
Payment of compensation and royalties: 

Where a contract calls for a client to be paid compensation or royalties, whether in a pump sum, or over time, Straggas Law Group assists its clients in enforcing their rights to payment.
Failure to perform contract obligations:

One of the biggest risks a business faces is the failure of another to meet its obligations under a contract. Often much depends upon another party’s timely performance of obligations, and serious high-dollar amount damages can result from non-performance. 
Rescission: fraud in the inducement:

Sometimes businesses and individuals are “sold a bill of goods” and induced to enter into an agreement because of false promises made by the other party. In some instances, the law allows such agreements to be “rescinded” or voided as thought they did not exist.

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